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Actress Danniella Westbrook feels “strong and happy” at Villa Paradiso

Fans of Eastenders will remember Danniella Westbrook’s role as Sam Mitchell in the long-running soap opera. The star has been struggling with addiction for a number of years, but she is determined that 2017 will be the year when she “kicks all addictions and demons once and for all”, and she chose Villa Paradiso in the Mijas hills as the place to do it.

It is evident from everything the press has published about Danniella that she has not had an easy time. As she told the Metro newspaper, taking part in Channel 5’s ‘In Therapy’ series “cost me a lot of heartache, painful childhood memories and trauma that the show didn’t fix.” Combine something like this with a disastrous marriage, health issues and the loss of a baby, as well as the break up with the love of her life, and it is understandable that Danniella has reached the point where she feels the time has come to be make a commitment to her health, for her own sake as well as that of her children, family and friends.

She confessed on her Twitter account that making the decision to return to rehab was scary, but she needed to face her fears to gain a new quality of life and the freedom to live without addictions. Volunteering to enter a rehab programme is never an easy decision for anyone struggling with addiction and when they do decide, it is necessary to support them because, as Danniella said, “We all make mistakes– that’s life –but it’s what we choose to do about those mistakes that counts.”

Danniella has spent almost one month at Villa Paradiso and told the media that she was not only drug-free, but also feeling happy and strong. As part of the rehab process, she had one-on-one meetings with therapists and undertook some intense work on her past issues. As she came to the end of her process, she told everyone, “I’m having a great time. I’m in a wonderful place here at Villa Paradiso and I’m truly blessed again, but thank you one and all for everything.”

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