For years, I felt unaccepted and a pain to many around me. I felt like I had no purpose or meaning in life. I could not go a day without some form of ‘fix’ be it alcohol or drugs. I suffered from ADHD from a young age. I alienated myself throughout my life as a result of my behavior and hurt a lot of people along the way.
Before finding Villa Paradiso, I had been to a rehabilitation center in Scotland, they merely got me sober but never fixed or focused on the reason I was using. I came to learn that the drugs and alcohol was not my problem, my thinking and head was. I underwent a lot of therapy, helping me to deal with a lot of my problems and trauma I had since I was a child. Nobody before had been able to give me answers as to why I acted or was the way that I was. I got brought into the realization of having a life without the need of anything to make day to day life bearable.
I have a huge thank you to say to the team at Villa Paradiso, Chris, Esther, Matt, and all of the other staff.
I came to terms that my life would always be hurting the people I love,  I didn’t know how to stop until I came to Villa Paradiso. They have given me life when I had no hope. They gave me the best gift I could have ever dreamed of.  I am now living a life that I had never even envisioned, all thanks to Villa Paradiso.
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