I attended Villa Paradiso in January 2019, after I hit rock bottom again. I always had an alcohol problem or you may say I was always an alcoholic. Alcohol and I were problems, chaos drama accidents unmanageable and powerless. For two years I tried to fight it alone by ‘Trying’ to drink less. This can never happen I tried so many times to be stronger but somehow there was always chaos. Until in January after festivities birthdays I decided to have a glass of wine that ended up disappearing for two days. Within two days I was on my way to Spain no thoughts just action. The welcome I had when I arrived was incredible, I already felt at home. Staff, there are just incredible they are honest genuine and straight to the point. No hidden agenda. One to one therapy with Matt every day for one hour. I always knew I had low self-esteem but Matt wanted me to work on this straight away. I spent six weeks at Villa Paradiso and throughout these weeks I worked on my character and defects that always made me drink. I always thought that I never had a major problem with Alcohol since I didn’t drink every day but the truth is that you can’t be half pregnant. You either are an alcoholic or you are not. I learnt here to appreciate life and be grateful for the little things. Went to the 12 steps with Matt ( where I apply them in my life on a day to day basis) I am five months sober, grateful, confident and most of all Happy. We attended AA /NA meetings twice a week. I am grateful to Villa Paradiso since this is where I planted the seed of this positive life I am living. It’s just for today and as Esther use to always tell me and always ‘Keep It Simple’. Thank you to the team of Villa Paradiso – and all the friends I made during my time there.
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