My life was destroyed. I couldn’t feel, imagine a future or look at myself in the mirror without ego. Using was my choice to escape my fears, my low self-esteem and the pains I inflicted to my heart.

Alcohol, gambling and cocaine didn’t work anymore. I was driving my body to certain death and my mind to irreversible insanity.

It took me 18 months between my first NA meeting and my first night at VP. 18 months of preparation. From contemplation to action. 18 months to wrap up a present I built for myself.

I spent my first night in VP on May 22nd. Matt told me that it’s possible , that I had to do it for myself and no one else. VP showed me the way. In VP I discovered myself. They gave me the tools to be the best version of myself. I started to believe that I am worthy of feeling good and strong to process the bad, life brings.

I faced my fears and felt my pains.

VP put a structure in my life. They gave me the foundation for my new life. They helped me to be proud, humble, open-minded, hopeful and honest.

Today I’m 143 days clean. Life is hard and good. I have what I need to be consistent with my recovery. VP gave me the basics to achieve that. God helps me every day with the obstacles I face.

I feel life and process my feelings. I enjoy my family and embrace their love for me.

VP saved my life and forever I will cherish the love they gave me, the faith they had in me and the friends I made there. VP is the place and will always be my home and my spiritual temple.

Gentleman K. A., 36 years old, North-Africa

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