Villa Paradiso is more than a rehab, it is a life-changing experience. I never thought that a 28-day programme can switch my life around this much. I truly got reborn and got to learn how to live life. The great work I did was thanks to the amazing family team there is in Villa Paradiso. When I arrived at the centre, it was my last resort as I lost hope in life and thought it was a last cause to recover. Villa Paradiso saw the potential I didn’t see in myself, they believed in me when I thought I was worthless. I cant stress enough how great and supportive the team is. I am 60 days clean since I just left rehabilitation and I never thought I would be able to say that. The program is so personal to each patient which allows the most productive therapy sessions with the best therapist. Villa Paradiso dealt with my depression in 28 days, in a way that doctors couldn’t do in seven years of on going treatment. This place is simply a miracle worker. I never thought that going to rehabilitation would be the best decision I ever made as a 19-year-old. I am living my dream life thanks to Villa Paradiso. This experience was tailored down to every detail to guide me to the most efficient recovery. From the direct chat to the leading therapist from the website to the many therapy hours and group activities, there is no other place as effective as this center.

The biggest thank you to the most understanding leader therapist, Matt. I am so grateful to every person I met on my journey, you all played such a big role in my recovery. You made my journey possible. Thank you for bringing me back to life.

Female, 19-year-old, UK

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