I had a severe addiction that I was battling for many many years. Every attempt I made to get clean I failed over and over again, I hit my rock bottom Christmas 2019.   I was at the brink of despair I didn’t believe I would ever be able to become the person/mother/daughter that I once was and longed to become again. I contacted Villa Paradiso in January 2020, I spoke to Matthew Idle who I immediately felt comfortable with, I met with Matt the following day and I knew I had one chance left and that feeling I had walking into Villa Paradiso was sheer relief.
I admitted myself 10/1/2020 it was the scariest most emotional decision of my life but my addiction was at that point in full swing and was quite possibly going to beat me forever!!
I am now 4 months clean and I owe my life to Villa Paradiso! Without this amazing team I would still be battling these demons alone and failing but I now have my life back, my health, my children and my family.
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