Villa Paradiso changed my life, and it’s very hard to put into words how much my life changed as a result of my time at this wonderful place. Before going to Villa Paradiso, I had only recently admitted to myself and to a few others that I had lost control over my drinking, I felt extremely vulnerable, scared and lost, working in the fashion industry at a high level I had become to think of my alcohol and drug use as normal, and I was extremely afraid to admit it was far from so.

Everybody at Villa Paradiso made me feel instantly welcome and at home, and my concerns were abolished within the first hour of being there. Understanding and confronting my addiction was one thing, but finding myself, and loving myself again was the most surprising and life-changing part of my journey at Villa Paradiso. The care and attention I received from the run-up to my stay, during my stay and my aftercare really has been nothing short of loving and caring, and everyone who works within Villa Paradiso are the most wonderful group of people, who made me feel like family.

I came out of the program as the person I had lost for a long time, and have since turned my life around completely. I’m happy within myself, calm and more than ever I am a new person, but most importantly the person I always wanted to be, and knew was inside me. Sometimes we all need some help and that’s nothing for anyone to be ashamed of, I’m eternally grateful that I found it within this magical place and to everyone who helped me throughout and continue to do so.

Leaving Villa Paradiso was one of the hardest things I’ve done, and I will forever be thankful to Matthew Idle and the whole group for helping me have a second chance at a life I’d almost lost. I will love you all forever. If you have any reservations, trust me – all you need is an open mind, and the rest will follow.

Ben, UK

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