I came to Villa Paradiso Spain broken, I had explored and tried everything that money could buy to get off drugs. 2 other well-known rehabs in the UK, drug services, therapists, psychologists but nothing seemed to work for me. I was recommended Villa Paradiso by a family friend who’s son had similar issues and he was 15 months clean after coming to the Villa. After a conversation on the phone with Matt, I knew it was the right place for me.

The tailor-made programme saved my life, I was there for 11 weeks. Villa Paradiso left no stone unturned in unravelling my life. The family-like team there made it so welcoming and relaxed for me.

From the owner right now to the chef, there couldn’t be a better team for running a rehab. I took part in equine therapy, yoga, meditation, I was put out my comfort zone in social situations which could test me. Matt the lead therapist was someone I was able to engage and connect with. I was able to build a trust with him so he could guide me in the right direction. It really helps having a therapist who’s been through the hell of addiction as he completely got me and knew exactly what was needed. I worked closely with a psychologist to understand my thinking and behavioural patterns.

I am only 20 and have recently celebrated 6 months clean from all mind altering substances. This would not have been possible without my time at Villa Paradiso. My family and I will forever be greatful for my time there and continual support from VP. My family lost there son for years, now they have there son back something that they doubted would ever happen.  

Blair, Schotland
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