Addiction to opioids: From Dr. Ruth Arenas (Villa Paradiso Spain)

Dr. Ruth Arenas is our psychiatrist-sexologist. Trained at the University of Medicine of Granada. Started working as an emergency and primary care physician for 4 years. Later she specialized in Psychiatry at the Hospital de Jaen. She participates in numerous conferences and is trained as an EMDR psychotherapist level 2, therapy of ‘last generation that, through bilateral stimulation allows the approach of traumatic events and pathologies such as addictions, depression, anxiety and phobias, PTSD. Master in sexology and couple therapy, speaker in numerous conferences on addiction, mental pathology and sexuality. She worked in psychogeriatrics for 4 years and in addictions for 3 years, besides having a private practice. In her blog, she explains why people become addicted to opioids so easily.

The Opioid epidemic (VIDEO)

While heroin addiction became a plague in the 1980s, which fortunately was eventually reduced, we still treat a large number of opioid addicts today. But what is the reason for this? Opioids for medical use is one of the reasons.

Opiods are an effective treatment in the analgesia of intense, acute or chronic pain. They are administered orally, subcutaneously or transdermally and often allow patients in extreme conditions to have an acceptable quality of life.

However, they are extremely addictive. Moreover, opioids are relatively easy to obtain. The therapeutic dose is increasingly higher, they have a significant withdrawal syndrome and, in addition, their use not only produces analgesic effects but also pleasant ones.

opioids abuse
Illustrative image of opioids abuse

Addiction to opioids – part 2

For this reason, we often find patients that no longer battle the cause of the prescription (pain), but continue to use the drugs or have increased their use at doses far beyond the therapeutic plan.

If that is happening to you, you should know that the approach to get of opiods is complex. The withdrawal syndrome they produce is extremely painful and uncomfortable, so whenever the situation allows it, a very slow detoxification and dishabituation should be done. This way, we manage to minimize the discomfort. Therapy is also necessary to face a new life without the substance.

We must not forget that opiates cause a clear risk of overdose and death. This risk increases in the relapses in the consumption which makes therapy, that minimizes the risk of relapses, FUNDAMENTAL.

Opioids of common medical use

The most common prescription opioids are:

  • tramadol
  • codeine
  • morphine
  • fentanyl
  • tapentadol
  • buprenorphine
  • oxycodone

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