Today three years ago I finally had enough of it. The drinking and drugs abuse. I was feeling depressed and my health was in danger. I was going to rehab. I had done that before but with minimum result. I heard from a friend of Villa Paradiso Spain. I could come over right away so I booked a flight to Malaga where the owner and Matthew the therapist waited on me at the airport. I was in a bit of a state and started the journey with a detox in Villa Paradiso. A luxurious place where immediately felt at home. Luxurious rooms and a cozy atmosphere. The therapy with Matt started right away after my detox. Multiple daily sessions where we cut down right to the center of my demons and problems. The therapy. The relaxation and good food made me feel better each day a little bit more. The assignments were an eye-opener and gave me a good insight of myself. After a month I felt I was strong enough to go home. Now three years later I feel stronger, healthier and much brighter and focused. And also I feel I’m a much nicer person for the people around me. Without losing my own me. I’m just a way better version of myself being sober.Team Villa Paradiso. Thanks. It was well worth the effort.


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