I’m a mother of four sons. My third Son started smoking cannabis as a young teenager which lead to using other substances and cocaine. In 2018 at the age of 23, his life was spiralling out of control and I felt powerless and enormous guilt, wondering what I could have done to prevent this. Truth is….probably nothing. In desperation, my husband and I persuaded him to go to Rehab in the UK. Whilst there, he was clean of cocaine and cannabis he had, unknown to us, become addicted to prescription drugs. I felt my son and our family had been let down badly. They offered no aftercare or support when he left. Once at home, he continued to acquire prescription drugs everywhere he could. His Dad and I decided he should come to live with us in Spain where I, as a mother, thought I could help him gain control of his life again. Within two hours of stepping off the plane, I had to call an ambulance. He was unsteady on his feet, slurring his words and his face and body were bloated. He was admitted to hospital totally dehydrated and had a severe liver and kidney problems due to an overdose. We were devastated and worried he wouldn’t see the next day. We had to call his brothers to let them know. They too were heartbroken. We were told he would have to detox and go into rehab again. The psychiatrist who saw him in the hospital told us about Villa Paradiso. She said it was the perfect environment for someone of his age. The owner of Villa Paradiso called us that very night and was so reassuring and understanding which gave us a glimmer of hope. We visited Villa Paradiso the next day and felt very welcome and immediately saw it was homely, calm and friendly. Matt, the lead therapist could sense my anxiety and promised me that he would do everything he could to help my Boy. That’s what makes Villa Paradiso so very special, they help the whole family, not just the client. I felt my son was safe and secure for the first time in years, and that Matt was at the end of a phone if I had any worries. All the staff work so hard. They make sure they eat healthily, they have access to kinesiology, massage, outdoor activities which all helps aid recovery. The one on one therapy clients receive from Matt is outstanding. He is non-judgemental and caring, which is important when they can be dealing with very difficult situations that have lead them to self destruct. Moreover, Matt and the staff make them realise and regain their self-worth. Villa Paradiso is not at all what you might aspire Rehabs to be. It’s not full of sadness and despair. It’s filled with fun and laughter. Villa Paradiso not only helps clients choose the right path but totally tackles the issues that caused them to go down the wrong one. It’s not there just to get them sober and clean but to help them find the best possible version of themselves. Clients have to want to put the work in and my Son found this difficult at times. And believe me, Matt will kick ass when he has to. My gratitude as a Mother to Villa Paradiso is beyond what words can describe and even after being discharged they continue to support their clients and their families. My Son made friends for life there and so did my husband and I. If you or a loved one, no matter why or how low you have sunk, needs help, for whatever reason I cannot recommend Villa Paradiso highly enough. It will change your life.
My Son is over two years clean and serene.
Happy, healthy and running his own business.
Thank you, Lynne

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