Villa Paradiso awarded ‘Best Treatment Center’ in Europe

Addiction clinic Villa Paradiso Spain has been awarded ‘Best Treatment Center in Europe’ by the international recognized Worlds Best Rehab Magazine.

Cristian Faro, Founder and CEO of Villa Paradiso Spain said, “on behalf of the expert team here at Villa Paradiso we are thrilled and excited to achieve International Recognition as the Best Treatment Center in Europe from Worlds Best Rehab Magazine. The publication is the pinnacle journal in the treatment industry and to receive this award shows just how hard the whole team have worked on behalf of clients to deliver lasting, long term recovery.”

Villa Paradiso is a Luxury Rehab in Spain that joins an illustrious group of previous winners, who have all been dedicated to delivering long term recovery for clients.

About Worlds Best Rehab Magazine

Worlds Best Rehab Magazine is the ‘Michelin guide’ for International Treatment. The Magazine is dedicated to recognizing the outstanding work and achievements of treatment providers and industry professionals Worldwide. The magazine is often referred to as an impartial barometer of the very best in Luxury Rehab.

Our mission and vision on rehab and treatment

At Villa Paradiso, we believe in a safe and healing environment with a mixture of therapeutic and holistic therapies in the natural surroundings of nature. There is an answer for everything and we find the solution. Each and every person is different, so each addiction is too. We are able to help you because we adapt all our expertise to your personal situation – with the pure and simple aim of achieving a lifetime of recovery.

Our ability to help our clients comes from a deep understanding not just of what they are experiencing, but why. Finding the reasons behind the addiction or disorders is the main aim, and once you have identified them you can confront the triggers, develop coping mechanisms and allow the real you to re-emerge and take control of your life and your future.

Tailor-made treatments

We focus on the solution and the problem. With our experienced therapeutic team and in-house psychiatrist, we enable clients to work with us on their issues and find inner peace and an understanding of their own recovery journey.

This includes personally designed programs by our experienced therapists. We believe that everyone is individual and should have the choice to be involved in their treatment planning and outcomes.

Interview Lead therapist Matthew Idle

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