Luxury Rehab: What is it and how much does it cost?

Are you looking for a drug rehab centre? When the problems of your addiction have too much influence on your daily life, you may not see the wood for the trees anymore. Personal problems are getting bigger and bigger and slowly you can’t see a way out. Do you really want to work on your addiction?


One of the main reasons why people chose luxurious rehabs is privacy. While some celebrities make no secret of the fact that they are in rehab – or even advertise it – the people who come here have a lot to lose. That is why the names of guests are not given in internal communications, the address of their accommodation is not published, the number plates of the limos are untraceable, the mail exchanges with guests are encrypted and the employees are sworn to secrecy.

How Much Does Luxury Rehab Cost?

Incomparable amenities, exclusivity, and state of the art treatments make luxury rehabs the finest drug treatment centres globally and they come with a more expensive cost. Generally, a month’s stay at luxury rehab averages between $20,000 – $100,000. In contrast, a month’s stay at a standard facility is between $5,000 – $15,000.

Why choose a (luxury) rehab clinic?

One of the biggest advantages of treatment in rehab is that you are physically away from the environment where your triggers are. Being away from your familiar environment helps you to avoid the risk of an early relapse so that you only have to step back into your own environment at a time when you are better equipped to deal with temptations and triggers.

The advantages of staying in a luxury rehab are

  • Distance from triggers and temptations
  • Being away from the social circle that facilitates and/or reinforces addictive behaviour
  • Breaking patterns
  • A new environment is inspiring and offers new opportunities
  • High-end rehab clinics offer anonymous rehab and private treatment at the highest level

There comes a time when, after a stay in rehab, you return home. You return to your familiar surroundings where you will have to continue to fight consciously not to fall back into old, destructive patterns. The therapists at a drug rehabilitation centre prepare you thoroughly for this. They teach you tools to protect yourself against temptations and triggers. You will also be supported in your further recovery by means of an aftercare programme with ongoing support and therapy.

Why a luxury rehab centre?

Even within populations that are seen by our society as successful, temptations and addictions lie in wait. The idea that people with status, success and money have everything they could wish for and therefore do not turn to drink, drugs, gaming or gambling is a fallacy.

Everyone needs an outlet from time to time to escape the reality of daily life. If you lose yourself in this kind of behaviour or use, you may run the risk of developing an addiction. Whether you are unemployed or enormously successful.

In addition to the regular rehab clinics, there are also private rehab clinics today that cater specifically to people from the wealthy strata of society.

These luxurious, high-end clinics distinguish themselves with beautiful locations in warm countries, extensive facilities such as swimming pools and sports facilities, professional chefs and meals and the best therapists and treatment methods. People who expect a high standard during a rehab period have come to the right place.

Rehab is not a holiday

It is very important to remember the purpose of a stay in a luxury rehab centre. Don’t let the beautiful surroundings, the (often) good weather and the luxurious facilities fool you: recovering from an addiction is hard work and certainly not a holiday. The presence of a large number of professional care providers does not mean that they will solve the problem for you either. A stay in rehab is a challenging, emotional and difficult period.

If you grasp the opportunity for recovery with both hands and are willing to confront yourself, there is a good chance that you will find the possibility of giving your life a completely new direction.

Rehab clinic: a place where you should feel at home

Whether you live in Dubai, Stockholm or Amsterdam,  our treatment team is there for you. It may sound strange at first, but the more you feel at home in our drug rehabilitation centre, the greater the chance of successful treatment. That is why a hospitable and homely environment is so important. In short, we have equipped our rehab centre perfectly for intensive treatment, in which lifestyle and exercise play a major role.

Would you like to apply for admission to our rehab centre?

Do you experience structural and recurring problems with, for example, alcohol, drugs, medication, gambling or internet? Sometimes outpatient treatment may not be intensive enough. When there is not enough care, guidance or structure, it might be more appropriate to be admitted to a rehabilitation centre. If you stay in our drug rehabilitation centre, you can count on day and night care from an expert team of psychologists, mental health psychologists, social workers, nurses, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, sociotherapists and more.

Learn more about Villa Paradiso Spain and our unique treatment approach:

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