Can you force someone into rehab?

You probably would go to any lengths to help a loved one who battles substance misuse get the assistance and therapy they require. Talking to someone who uses substances about their actions and your worries can convince some people to seek help. Speaking about the circumstance and the terrible effects it has on you and your family is insufficient for some people. But can you force someone into rehab?

When can someone be forced into rehab?

In an emergency situation, a person can be admitted. Someone can then be admitted if the judge or mayor determined this. This is because it is very intense for someone to be forcibly hospitalised. However, someone can only be forced into rehab if at least one of these situations are the case:

  • The person puts himself or others in mortal danger, does psychological harm, seriously neglects himself, seriously disrupts his own development or that of another person
  • The person’s safety is threatened
  • The person behaves in such an annoying way that other people become aggressive
  • The safety of other people or belongings is at risk

Compulsory care must also be useful. It must be the only way to solve the problems. Also, the severity of the admission must not be worse than the problem.

Forcing adolescents into rehab


Many people picture young or elderly persons when they think about drug and alcohol addiction. Teenagers and young adults, however, are also prone to substance abuse and addiction. It’s critical to get assistance as soon as possible in cases of adolescent substance misuse. After all, recognising and treating behavioural issues in childhood can stop them from escalating or turning into semi-permanent issues in later life.

Additionally, if your child is under the age of 18, as a parent, you can make them go to rehab without their choice. However, if your child isn’t committed to their treatment and doesn’t want to quit using, the treatment might not work and lead to later, more serious issues.

While coercing a youngster to attend treatment is relatively simple, coercing an adult to do so becomes much more challenging after the age of 18. In addition, as the number of young people developing addictions to opioids and benzodiazepines rises, more parents are pleading with their young adult children to

Is forced admission a solution to the problem?

So a person can be treated against his or her will. If that person is addicted to alcohol or other drugs, they can be forced to go to rehab. But compulsory admission does not always have to be in a rehab centre. A person can also be treated at home, for example. This is called outpatient treatment. The person may also be compulsorily medicated.

Forced admission is always only a temporary solution. It should ensure that the danger disappears. If the doctor determines that the admitted person is no longer dangerous, that person can stop the admission. This does not necessarily mean that the mental problems or addiction are over. If the person refuses help after the compulsory treatment, there is a chance that problems will arise again. Then, if the person is no longer a danger, that person may refuse help. This may be a disappointment for friends or family. There is also help for friends and family of people with addiction.

The process to force someone into rehab

There is a step-by-step procedure to follow in order to force someone into rehab. Even if details vary, most statutes have comparable requirements that may include:

  • A danger. The person endangers both oneself and others.
  • A ondition. They are physically or mentally impaired due to addiction.
  • Incapacitation. The person is incapable of making decisions.
  • Neglect. Your loved one is unable to take care of their personal affairs or meet their basic needs.
  • Complete lack of control

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