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Addicts and people with behavioural issues are just like everyone else. The only distinction is that they have come to believe that they cannot resolve their issues or problems, which can cause them to develop a dependence on substances that can worsen their anxiety and/or depression. Our addiction treatment center in Spain is the solution to overcome any addiction.

Approach at our addiction treatment center in Spain

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Our capacity to assist our clients stems from a profound awareness of both WHAT they are going through and WHY.

The key goal is to identify the causes of the addiction or disease. Once you have done this, you may tackle the triggers, create coping mechanisms, and then allow the real you to reappear and take charge of your life and your future. Our addiction treatment center in Spain has a recovery rate of 95%.

Below is a brief summary of our methodology:

  1. Assessment: Once we comprehend the underlying cause of your addiction, we develop a treatment tailored to your specific needs after a medical evaluation and personal consultation.
  2. Detox: Drug and alcohol withdrawal can be risky, life-threatening, and agonising. This is why it needs to be carefully supervised and medically controlled in a secure setting. We offer medically assisted, pain-free detoxification procedures.
  3. Treatment: Where appropriate, this medically managed programme weans the client off their drug or substance abuse while providing physical support for the psychotherapy that addresses the emotional triggers, the causes of your addiction, and your addiction’s history in order to facilitate rehabilitation.
  4. Recovery planning: Our strategy focuses on restoring overall health to the body, mind, and soul. A good diet, rest in a stimulating environment, yoga and/or exercise, the chance to spend time with family, and pastimes that help you rediscover fun are all examples of this. We can provide a very relaxing and satisfying interaction with animals upon request. We collaborate with you to determine your long-term lifestyle objectives and establish goals for both the course of treatment and after.
  5. Aftercare: We remember you long after your treatment at Villa Paradiso is over because we know how important it is for you to continue receiving support and guidance as needed. This is why we collaborate with chosen experts in your neighbourhood and offer an ongoing aftercare programme with the goal of assuring your ultimate success in overcoming your addiction.

Addiction treatments at our addiction treatment center in Spain

Clients at our addiction treatment center in Spain receive assistance with a variety of addictions as well as other psychological or psychosocial issues. The rehabilitation process is flexible and is tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each client by the team. Treatments at Villa Paradiso Spain have been quite successful. We help you to overcome the following addictions:

Alcohol addiction

Alcoholism, the most severe form of problem drinking, is characterised by an intense, frequently uncontrollable desire to consume alcohol. Alcoholism patients frequently prioritise drinking over all other commitments, such as work and family, and may develop a physical tolerance to alcohol or experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop.

Alcohol addiction and alcohol dependency are other names for alcoholism. It differs slightly from “harmful drinking,” which is an irregular drinking pattern that can be damaging to your health.

Drinking excessively at a party and running the risk of falling or arguing is an example of detrimental drinking. If this practise of dangerous drinking becomes ingrained and occurs frequently, it may lead to alcoholism. We offer alcohol addiction treatment.

Drugs addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic illness marked by obsessive, or uncontrollable, drug seeking and use despite negative effects and potentially long-lasting changes in the brain. The negative behaviours found in drug users may result from these alterations in the brain. Drug addiction is a relapsing condition as well. Relapse is the act of using drugs again after making an effort to stop.

The voluntary act of using drugs is the first step on the road to addiction. However, with time, a person’s capacity to decide against doing so is impaired. The substance induces obsessive drug seeking and use. The consequences of prolonged drug exposure on brain function are mostly to blame for this. The brain regions responsible for motivation, learning, and behaviour control are all impacted by addiction. We offer drugs addiction treatment.

Gambling addiction

The most pervasive behavioural addiction is certainly gambling addiction. Sports betting, casino games like roulette, slot machines, and online poker may all develop addictions for compulsive gamblers.

Gambling addicts, also known as compulsive gamblers, constantly crave gambling, much like someone addicted to cocaine. They frequently lie to those around them, are typically in denial, and act recklessly in their relationships and finances.

Gambling is now much easier to access thanks to the internet and smartphones, which has led to a rapid rise in this type of addiction. Unfortunately, the public is not generally aware of this issue. We offer gambling addiction treatment.

Gaming addiction

When you have a gaming addiction, you frequently encounter symptoms that are similar to those of a gambling addiction. The primary signs of gaming addiction are:

  • obsessive ideas (not being able to think of anything but gaming)
  • health problems
  • permanent harm to one’s connections with others, education, and career

There are many different signs of physical and psychological nature that are frequently present with gaming addiction. Every symptom is as severe as it would be for any other addiction. We offer gaming addiction treatment.

Sex addiction

A compulsive sexual condition known as sex addiction can present itself in a variety of ways. People with sex addiction are more likely to engage in dangerous sexual behaviour because of psychological triggers including stress, worry, or sadness.

Sex addiction can negatively impact one’s mental and physical health as well as society. Risky and compulsive sexual behaviour can lead to genital illnesses, dysfunctional sex, the end of healthy relationships and a family life, as well as sexual dysfunction. We offer sex addiction treatment.

Prescription medication addiction

Is it conceivable that you or a loved one has a prescription drug addiction? Most of us only use prescription medications as directed by our doctors. Nevertheless, the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 48 million people (aged 12 and older) have taken prescription medications for purposes other than medicine throughout their lifetime. This amount roughly corresponds to 20% of the population of the United States.

Prescription drug misuse and addiction have dramatically increased in recent years. Due to unintentional overdoses and admissions to drug rehab centres for drug addiction, there has been a corresponding rise in emergency room visits. We offer prescription medication addiction treatment.

Our addiction treatment center in Spain – Villa Paradiso Spain

Many years of experience and exceptional results confirm that our addiction treatment works. In addition to the highest standards of professional treatment and personal support, we include a range of optional activities to help refocus mind, body and soul.

All of these elements come together with highly effective psychotherapy to break the shackles and allow you to live free of addiction. Activities during your stay are not only fun, but they also help to strengthen and heal, along with healthy meals that we guarantee will satisfy even the more demanding taste buds.

A central element of our addiction treatment is absolute privacy and discretion, which is why Villa Paradiso Spain in Marbella is preferred by people who seek anonymity and a place in which to be at ease and focus on taking back control of their lives. We offer this without compromise within a beautiful, relaxed and sunny environment.

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