Online gambling: addiction and treatment

More people are becoming addicted to gambling. It is possible that due to the increase in the number of online gambling, the number of people addicted to gambling may also rise again in the coming years.

What is an online gambling addiction?

Addiction to online gambling is a progressive addiction categorised as an impulsivity illness. Any type of online gambling addiction can have negative repercussions on a person’s general quality of life, financial situation, and physical and psychological health.

Despite the negative effects that online gambling has on a person’s life, they continue to engage in it. In order to win in online casinos, virtual poker, or betting, a person is willing to risk what they value (in this case, their cash, health, or relationships).

Similar to how alcohol and drugs excite the brain, online gambling can similarly go undetected. Because of this, addiction to internet gambling is a serious condition.

Why do people gamble?

At first glance, gambling seems to have many positive aspects. Meeting and socialising with other players and entertainment make gambling popular. Other reasons may include:

  • winning money
  • the thrill of winning or not winning
  • getting negative feelings out of the way
  • spending time
  • curiosity
  • loneliness

There is a difference between men and women. Women are more likely to gamble out of boredom or because they feel lonely. Men mainly become gambling addicts because of the excitement that gambling brings, and for them the money they can win is an important reason.

Why is gambling dangerous?

If you gamble once in a while, there is nothing wrong. You take 100 euros to a casino and no more than that. You have a fun evening with friends. And at the end of the evening you might have made some profit or your 100 euros is gone. But do you want to play more often and longer? Do you gamble online or on a slot machine and find yourself out of control? Then gambling can also be dangerous. Here are the main risks:

Money problems

The biggest risk of gambling is getting money problems. If a gambler wants to play more and more often and longer, he will soon have to borrow money. Debts arise to pay for gambling. Some gamblers hope for a big hit to pay off debts. They play more and more often and longer, which puts them in even more trouble. Sometimes people even turn to crime to pay off debts.

Problems with studies or work

Truancy, arriving late, doing poor work, calling in sick. Eventually, this can lead to suspension from school or dismissal at work.

Social problems

Neglect of family and friends. Arguing and misunderstanding. The gambler often withdraws more and more. And people around you get fed up with the lies and prevarication after a while.

Psychological problems

If you don’t feel good about yourself, gambling exacerbates that feeling. Psychological problems that often occur due to gambling: guilt, a lot of tension, anxiety, panic and gloom.


Gambling can cause strong cravings. You also see players spending more and more time and money on gambling. When stopping gambling, withdrawal symptoms can occur.

Online gambling treatment

Addiction to internet gambling can be treated with therapy, medication, and support groups. A person with an addiction to internet gambling is assisted by the treatment programme in learning impulse control skills to avoid relapse. Addicts to online gambling receive treatment either inpatiently (in a residential setting) or outpatiently.

Psychotherapy, which is carried out in individual or group sessions, is the most important component of the treatment for addiction to online gambling. The fact that internet gambling frequently results from more serious emotional and mental health problems makes counselling crucial for recovery.

To alter the damaging habits that fuel their addiction, a patient learns to recognise these issues and deal with them. In a judgment-free environment, counselling provides a safe area where patients can receive support, encouragement, and time to address their mental health.

Villa Paradiso Spain – online gambling addiction center

Many years of experience and exceptional results confirm that our addiction treatment works. In addition to the highest standards of professional treatment and personal support, we include a range of optional activities to help refocus mind, body and soul.

All of these elements come together with highly effective psychotherapy to break the shackles and allow you to live free of addiction. Activities during your stay are not only fun, but they also help to strengthen and heal, along with healthy meals that we guarantee will satisfy even the more demanding taste buds.

A central element of our addiction treatment is absolute privacy and discretion, which is why Villa Paradiso Spain in Marbella is preferred by people who seek anonymity and a place in which to be at ease and focus on taking back control of their lives. We offer this without compromise within a beautiful, relaxed and sunny environment.

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