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Specialist Drug and Alcohol Rehab center in Spain


Dr. Alejandra Hallin is a specialist in adult and child psychiatry at Harvard University, USA, where she also holds a doctorate in Forensic Psychiatry and a master's degree in Public Health as well as in Couple Therapy. He has also taught children's psychiatry and psychopharmacology at the University.

She has served as an adjunct at Boston Children's Hospital in Boston and director of the Mental Health service of the school system.

In 1995 he received the Research Award for "Young Brilliant Researcher Wyeth Qyerst" on Depressive Processes in New York. In this city, I work in jail within the Unit of Dangerous Individuals.

She has collaborated as a voluntary psychiatrist at the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Bhagalpur, India and has written several articles on psychosis and cocaine, autism and the use of placebo in psychiatric processes, as well as numerous publications such as "Diagnosis and Psychopharmacology In Children and Adolescent Disorders" (John Willey & Son, 1996).

For 16 years to present times, Dr. Hallin has owned several centers of psychiatry and psychology in the Costa del Sol, Sotogrande and Gibraltar.