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Testimonial Pip

12 months ago I had made the decision that enough was enough after 10 years of drug and alcohol abuse. I needed help. After contacting a few different rehabs I spoke to Villa Paradiso and felt an instant warmth and connection.
It was time to get clean, get happy and live my life.
I owe my life to Villa Paradiso. The whole team was incredible with special credit to the main therapist Matt who I believe has saved my life! They gave me hope they helped me find myself and I was shown the tools to live my life sober and happy which for so long I thought was impossible. Four weeks of hardcore therapy and behavioural work transformed my 10 year battle of addiction into a lifetime of hope.
This review does not give the place and the team the credit it deserves. If you don’t have faith trust me you can trust them to help you see the light.



I arrived at Villa Paradiso at the darkest point I think I have ever been in my life; struggling with my addiction, depression and anxiety. It is, without doubt, the most important decision I have made to date to reshape my life and take control of myself and my future. The villa is absolutely beautiful, peaceful, comfortable and welcoming. The support given in my time at Villa Paradiso was unbelievable. Meaningful therapy equipped me with tools to rebuild myself and my confidence and fight my addiction. I feel healthy, happy and positive again – something I didn’t think was possible. Without the help of everybody at Villa Paradiso I would not be in the better place I am now. I cannot thank Matt and all the team enough for their help, love, support, and confidence in me. VP saved me from a very dark place and gave me light and hope again. I will never forget the time I spent at VP, truly positive life experience and from somebody that was very scared about getting the help, I am so glad I made the decision to find help here. I owe everything and more to you and you will always be my friends and my light.



To all at the villa,
Thank you so much for being a part of the journey I’ve started. In the 5 weeks I’ve been here you’ve made me feel part of something, something I can describe as a family. Not once have I felt alone, the support you’ve all provided me with has got me through all of my ups and downs. You have helped me cope with things I thought I could never face and after just 5 weeks I feel free of my addiction which brought so much misery into my life. Now I can go home to my son and be the most amazing father.
So what I have gained from this is absolutely priceless. I could never thank you all enough for starting my journey of recovery the way you did it’s given me a solid base on which I’ll never go back.

Thank you for so many memories, this has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Paul, UK


My life was destroyed. I couldn’t feel, imagine a future or look at myself in the mirror without ego. Using was my choice to escape my fears, my low self-esteem and the pains I inflicted to my heart.

Alcohol, gambling and cocaine didn’t work anymore. I was driving my body to certain death and my mind to irreversible insanity.

It took me 18 months between my first NA meeting and my first night at VP. 18 months of preparation. From contemplation to action. 18 months to wrap up a present I built for myself.

I spent my first night in VP on May 22nd. Matt told me that it’s possible , that I had to do it for myself and no one else. VP showed me the way. In VP I discovered myself. They gave me the tools to be the best version of myself. I started to believe that I am worthy of feeling good and strong to process the bad, life brings.

I faced my fears and felt my pains.

VP put a structure in my life. They gave me the foundation for my new life. They helped me to be proud, humble, open-minded, hopeful and honest.

Today I’m 143 days clean. Life is hard and good. I have what I need to be consistent with my recovery. VP gave me the basics to achieve that. God helps me every day with the obstacles I face.

I feel life and process my feelings. I enjoy my family and embrace their love for me.

VP saved my life and forever I will cherish the love they gave me, the faith they had in me and the friends I made there. VP is the place and will always be my home and my spiritual temple.

Gentleman K. A., 36 years old, North-Africa

Female – Depression

Villa Paradiso is more than a rehab, it is a life-changing experience. I never thought that a 28-day programme can switch my life around this much. I truly got reborn and got to learn how to live life. The great work I did was thanks to the amazing family team there is in Villa Paradiso. When I arrived at the centre, it was my last resort as I lost hope in life and thought it was a last cause to recover. Villa Paradiso saw the potential I didn’t see in myself, they believed in me when I thought I was worthless. I cant stress enough how great and supportive the team is. I am 60 days clean since I just left rehabilitation and I never thought I would be able to say that. The program is so personal to each patient which allows the most productive therapy sessions with the best therapist. Villa Paradiso dealt with my depression in 28 days, in a way that doctors couldn’t do in seven years of on going treatment. This place is simply a miracle worker. I never thought that going to rehabilitation would be the best decision I ever made as a 19-year-old. I am living my dream life thanks to Villa Paradiso. This experience was tailored down to every detail to guide me to the most efficient recovery. From the direct chat to the leading therapist from the website to the many therapy hours and group activities, there is no other place as effective as this center.

The biggest thank you to the most understanding leader therapist, Matt. I am so grateful to every person I met on my journey, you all played such a big role in my recovery. You made my journey possible. Thank you for bringing me back to life.

Female, 19-year-old, UK

Stefania – Alcoholic

I attended Villa Paradiso in January 2019, after I hit rock bottom again. I always had an alcohol problem or you may say I was always an alcoholic. Alcohol and I were problems, chaos drama accidents unmanageable and powerless. For two years I tried to fight it alone by ‘Trying’ to drink less. This can never happen I tried so many times to be stronger but somehow there was always chaos. Until in January after festivities birthdays I decided to have a glass of wine that ended up disappearing for two days. Within two days I was on my way to Spain no thoughts just action. The welcome I had when I arrived was incredible, I already felt at home. Staff, there are just incredible they are honest genuine and straight to the point. No hidden agenda. One to one therapy with Matt every day for one hour. I always knew I had low self-esteem but Matt wanted me to work on this straight away. I spent six weeks at Villa Paradiso and throughout these weeks I worked on my character and defects that always made me drink. I always thought that I never had a major problem with Alcohol since I didn’t drink every day but the truth is that you can’t be half pregnant. You either are an alcoholic or you are not. I learnt here to appreciate life and be grateful for the little things. Went to the 12 steps with Matt ( where I apply them in my life on a day to day basis) I am five months sober, grateful, confident and most of all Happy. We attended AA /NA meetings twice a week. I am grateful to Villa Paradiso since this is where I planted the seed of this positive life I am living. It’s just for today and as Esther use to always tell me and always ‘Keep It Simple’. Thank you to the team of Villa Paradiso – and all the friends I made during my time there.

Testimonial – Anonymous Male

For years, I felt unaccepted and a pain to many around me. I felt like I had no purpose or meaning in life. I could not go a day without some form of ‘fix’ be it alcohol or drugs. I suffered from ADHD from a young age. I alienated myself throughout my life as a result of my behavior and hurt a lot of people along the way.
Before finding Villa Paradiso, I had been to a rehabilitation center in Scotland, they merely got me sober but never fixed or focused on the reason I was using. I came to learn that the drugs and alcohol was not my problem, my thinking and head was. I underwent a lot of therapy, helping me to deal with a lot of my problems and trauma I had since I was a child. Nobody before had been able to give me answers as to why I acted or was the way that I was. I got brought into the realization of having a life without the need of anything to make day to day life bearable.
I have a huge thank you to say to the team at Villa Paradiso, Chris, Esther, Matt, and all of the other staff.
I came to terms that my life would always be hurting the people I love,  I didn’t know how to stop until I came to Villa Paradiso. They have given me life when I had no hope. They gave me the best gift I could have ever dreamed of.  I am now living a life that I had never even envisioned, all thanks to Villa Paradiso.

Testimonial – Anonymous Lady

For many years, I had experienced strong panic attacks that caused me a great deal of anxiety and sleeping problems. I tried many times to find help to resolve these problems but did not succeed in getting the help that I needed.

Finally, I found Villa Paradiso and the fantastic staff there who helped to change my life for better. I spent five weeks at the Villa Paradiso which is situated in Mijas with amazing sea and mountain views.

The recovery program was very good. I received a great deal of personal attention and support. Especially, I valued my private conversations with therapists. I discovered the source of my traumas from my childhood and learnt how to heal myself. After my time at Villa Paradiso, my life has become much more enjoyable and relaxed. I am deeply grateful that I no longer have self-destructive thoughts and problems with alcohol and sleeping pills that were related to these thoughts.

I strongly recommend Villa Paradiso to anyone with similar kind of problems like I had, as a place to change your life around.

UK Gentleman Testimonial – Our 28 day Program for substance misuse.

UK Gentleman – September 2018 28 day Program . Substance Misuse

The Villa Paradiso save my life. The staff make you feel so welcome and are very understanding. The programme is very special and the staff are highly trained and professional. If you need treatment and want to find your true self no question go to Villa Paradiso. Thank you for saving my life.

Andrew B – Testimonial

I was a professional golfer pushed into the spot light from my parents, I became a successful athlete thinking I knew all the answers in life. However, what learnt early in Villa Paradiso was the very opposite.

I believed my puberty years were somewhat a normal child upbringing but found the contradictory ~ my puberty years were actually the beginning of my reasoning for becoming an addict along with some messed up conflict around my sexuality. Anyway, roll on for another ten years getting married, becoming a father, always moving around to avoid and running away from my feelings it all came to a head  in the summer of 2018 when I would find myself in a dark hotel room, wanting to end this life of complete confusion. The very next day, I met up with Matt Idle. (Director of Therapy)  From that day forward, my confused melted brain started to reboot.

Villa Paradiso makes a welcoming environment for any persons that feel lonely, vulnerable or just feels they need serious help. My time here was incredible fun, hard at times along with some of the best friends I have ever made. I truly support there method of discovery which leads you into your own recovery for when you meet the world again. I am writing this after 3 weeks out of rehab and I can say with full commitment that I would never use again but more importantly, I can see a fulfilling future that awaits. I sit today content with my life, the choices I can make for me and these changes have made a massive impact to the people and family I damaged when I was a using addict.

Thank you to all the family at villa Paradiso , and before I forget the food is great, the rooms are wonderful and you even get to watch the odd movie. A fantastic place I miss you guys!

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