Cristina Bianco


Cristina Blanco was born in Málaga in 1975 and has a degree in Psychology since 1998. In that same year, she began an intensive professional collaboration with GACAR (Grupo Asociativo de Alcohólicos Rehabilitados, or Associative Group of Rehabilitated Alcoholics), until 1977. In that year, she took a course for a Master’s Degree in “Sexology and Sexual Therapy”, which ended in 2000.

She traveled to Dublin (Ireland) where she stayed for five years. There, she obtained the “Special Care Program” Diploma issued by the prestigious organization “Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul”, aimed at working with people with Mental Retardation.

She was a part of the St Michael’s Youth Project’s therapeutic team for young people with alcohol problems and drug addiction.

Back in Spain, she joins Dr. Hallin’s team, where she currently serves as Director of Services.

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