Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is probably the most widespread behavioural addiction. Compulsive gamblers become addicted to sports betting, casino games such as roulette, slot machines or online poker.

Gambling addicts, or compulsive gamblers, have a constant craving that is similar to a cocaine addiction. They tend to get reckless with their finances, and with their relationships, are usually in denial and often lie to those around them.

The internet and smartphones have made gambling much more accessible and the result is that this type of addiction is increasing fast. Unfortunately, there is a general lack of public awareness about this problem.


Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

Do you know someone who is worrying you by exhibiting a possible addiction to gambling? Try asking yourself the following questions.

  • Do they seem to be having problems with money but dismiss these or get angry if questioned about it?
  • Are they preoccupied with gambling and tend to do it a lot at the expense of relationships and other commitments?
  • Do they stay out all night at casinos or betting shops, or spend a lot of time on their computer using virtual gambling sites?
  • Have you found money or valuables going missing with no explanation, followed by another “binge” of gambling activity?

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