Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction is a compulsive sexual disorder which can manifest itself in many ways. Because of psychological triggers such as stress, anxiety or depression, people with sex addiction are driven to risky sexual behaviour.

Sex addiction can have serious social consequences as well as on both mental and physical health. Risky and compulsive sexual behaviour can result in venereal diseases, sexual dysfunction and the loss of normal relationships and a healthy family life.


What is Sexual Addiction?

How much sex or the type of sex does not define sexual addiction. Sexual addiction is used to describe the how it feels to be in grips of sexual behaviours and thought that is difficult to stop. Sex is used like a drug to manage, often unconsciously, painful emotions and beliefs about oneself.

Sexual addiction may have been set up in our younger years. It might have been in response to the stressors of growing up, including meeting family and social expectations. Alternately, it might be related to sexual, emotional, physical or spiritual abuse. Extraordinary events and environments beyond the individual or family’s control may have contributed to this addictive pattern.

Having a sexual addiction is not a choice. It is not the fault of the individual nor of their partners. It is often a shameful, difficult, and lonely experience both for the individual and for their partners. We offer support to help you understand sexual addiction and to make changes that lead to a more fulfilling, healthy experience of sexual relationships.

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