Specialist Drug and Alcohol Rehab center in Spain

Villa Paradiso is one of a small number of rehab centres fully-equipped to treat dual diagnosis cases, such as Alcohol & Drug addiction complicated by other disorders

People with dual diagnosis suffer from addiction to alcohol or drugs as well as additional, related psychological problems which aggravate the addiction and prevent recovery. Both the addiction and the co-occuring illness must be treated in order to prevent relapse after treatment. Alongside addiction to alcohol and drugs Villa Paradiso treats:

• Post-traumatic stress disorder;
• Gambling addiction;
• Grief & loss issues;
• Eating disorders;
• Depression;
• Anxiety or panic attacks;
• Burn out / work-related stress;
• Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD);
• Sexual compulsivity;
• Alcohol-related brain damage;

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Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism is the excessive and repeated use of alcohol in a compulsive and addictive way. Alcoholism is a physical as well as a psychological disease.

Substance Abuse and Drug Addiction Treatment

including describing the effects of cannabis, cocaine and heroin, all of which we treat at our centre.

Dependency on Prescription Medicine

Addictive painkillers are often prescribed by doctors for a lot of conditions and, for those in pain, life without them can seem difficult.

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