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Providing genetic data to shorten your road to recovery at Villa Paradiso.

If you’re suffering from mental health challenges, the last thing anyone wants to go through is a lengthy trial and error process with multiple medications.

The process can be frustrating and leave people feeling worse, not better.  Fortunately Villa Paradiso now offers genetic testing, our doctors  can get answers that quickly lead to relief.  Pharmacogenomic testing can help empower your doctor with the exact information needed to prescribe you the best medication for you.

Dr Alejandra Halllin is a psychiatrist trained at Harvard University, who specializes in mental disorders in children and adults .

Dr Hallin explains:

“Genetic psychopharmacology is an incredible break through in the practice of psychiatry. Up until now, psychiatrists would prescribe medications following an algorithm dictated by the good medical practice guide. Patients will respond to any given treatment in 60 % of cases. 

There is a robust group of patient that, after six weeks of treatment and a four week phase during which we increase the dose to a maximum, will not respond and will find themselves having to try an other psychiatric medication. Also side effects can be so uncomfortable that patients end up giving up on medication even if they have responded to it and they are symptom free.

Psychogenetics is the science that studies the genetic factors that influence the response to psychiatric medication. Many of the new tests now available only focus on the genetic response at the liver level but ours focuses on brain level providing more accurate genetic information, hence being more precise with regards to its predictions.

Psychogenetics allows us to personalised psychiatric treatment guiding providers in the process of selecting the right medication for each individual”.

When we get the results, we know precisely what  psychiatric medications will work for you both with regards to tolerance ( no side effects) and efficacy ( you improve on it). The tests gives us information with regards to drug to drug interactions and the result is life long.  The part of the test regarding liver metabolism will help your doctors choose other non psychiatric medicines as well.

There are over 20 different antidepressants in the market, it is more efficient to pick the one we know works for you than to go about it blindly. In the long run it saves money,time and suffering.

Genetic testing to find out what psychiatric medication will work for you is the way to go and in the future will become standard practice.

*This testing is not included in the price of the 28 day program. An additional fee will be required for this treatment.

Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism is the excessive and repeated use of alcohol in a compulsive and addictive way. Alcoholism is a physical as well as a psychological disease.

Substance Abuse and Drug Addiction Treatment

including describing the effects of cannabis, cocaine and heroin, all of which we treat at our centre.

Dependency on Prescription Medicine

Addictive painkillers are often prescribed by doctors for a lot of conditions and, for those in pain, life without them can seem difficult.

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